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Pulse Releases Autograph Version 2 Embroidery Personalization Software

August 6, 2014

Hirsch Pulse Auto2

Autograph 2 is the latest upgrade to Pulse’s standalone software that is designed to enhance and speed up the process of designing embroidered monogramming and lettering for retail businesses.

Offered by Hirsch, some of the new features include the gathering of all essential functions in one tab for faster, easier access. There is a larger design area and a new fit-to-hoop option that automatically sizes lettering to fit within a specified space.

Users can now toggle between templates more easily, and the icons are larger to make it more functional in Windows 8. Fonts and thread charts have been updated, and you can easily create decorative borders for any text.

A real time saver is the templates, which eliminate the work of digitizing. Simply select a design and enter the text. Autograph also features powerful editing tools that allow you to align, transform, rotate, and resize designs to customer specifications.

The standard version of Autograph comes with 217 fonts, and there are a number of optional fonts that can be purchased. Doing special effects such as 3D foam or creating text with a drop shadow is a fast, one-step process. There also is a garment preview function that makes it easy to present a design for customer approval.

Sew Wide Range Of Oversize Items With New Tajima TUMX-C Singlehead

April 28, 2014

Hirsch Tajima TUMX-C_02+FF_1_trans

The more items your shop can embroider, the greater the potential market for sales. The latest machine from Tajima, the singlehead TUMX-C, is designed to accommodate apparel and promotional merchandise that will not fit under the needle of a traditional “compact” embroidery machine.

What makes the TUMX-C so flexible is the area on either side of the sewing head has been opened up to enhance the use of a larger hoop or frame. There also is space underneath the frame to allow an oversize jacket, blanket, or large duffel bag to hang down out of the way while embroidering. You can view the sewing area from all angles with no blind spots.

This unique machine design opens the doors to a variety of larger merchandise that would otherwise present challenges to sew, especially on a production basis.

Tajima’s proven Windows CE operating system and LCD color monitor are included and make the TUMX-C model as user friendly as all Tajima models.

Unique to the TUMX-C is a smaller needle plate that allows for embroidering in hard-to-access areas such as small pockets, gloves, etc. as well as higher up on finished caps. With the same dimensions as the Neo Plus, it’s ideal for fitting in small spaces such as a home, garage or small shop. The dimensions are approximately 30 inches (760 mm) long by 30 inches (762 mm) wide by 38 inches (975 mm) high.

A built-in LED lamp is positioned over the needle plate making it easier to see. There also is an optional LED laser light to accurately indicate the sewing start position. Optional accessories include a pocket frame and an automaticair-driven clamp that can be opened and closed by a foot pedal. 

There’s also a high-speed cording device, boring device, beam sensor, stand, and stand tray. Factory-installed extras include a sequin device, zigzag cording device and lochrose embroidery device.

The sewing field measures 14 inches (355 mm) long by 19.5 inches (495 mm) wide. The sewing speed is 1,200 stitches per minute, and it features a 2-million stitch memory.

For more information go to: or contact Hirsch International at 800-394-4426; email:


Weighing The Merits of Embroidery

April 21, 2014

Merits of Embroidery

Impressions is featuring an exclusive online article by Alice Wolf of Madeira on the advantages embroidery offers and best to capitalize on them.

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Free Shipping On Embroidery Supplies Ordered In December

December 30, 2013

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Free Shipping On Embroidery Supplies Ordered In December

December 23, 2013

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Free Shipping On Embroidery Supplies Ordered In December

December 1, 2013

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Embroider By Remote Control With New Pulse Sidekick Software

October 19, 2013

Hirsch Sidekick5 10.2013

The new Tajima Sidekick by Pulse, offered by Hirsch International, is a tablet-based software solution that works with Tajima embroidery machines. With Sidekick, users can create text, set up designs, and manage machines directly from an Android tablet. It is the latest innovation from Pulse that allows Tajima users to control their embroidery machines via a remote control.
Create Perfect Text On-the-Go – Sidekick offers a simple user interface to design lettering from various font packages. It includes a straightforward touch screen interface that allows the user to select options from a drop-down menu and customize text with a great selection of fonts, colors, sizes and more.
Set Up Designs in Advance – Sidekick allows the user to save time and increase productivity by setting up designs in advance. It reduces machine downtime by allocating colors to the design. With Sidekick, users can prepare the next set of designs while their machine is still running. Multitasking with designs has never been easier.
Manage Machines from Anywhere – With Sidekick, users can remotely check the status of any machine on their network. Users can view up-to-date design status, complete with a preview of the design being sewn in real time. Machine status and stop notifications also are displayed directly on the Sidekick.
Sidekick makes the embroidery design experience quick, easy, powerful and portable.
“Sidekick is a portable and convenient solution to help manage embroidery businesses. It adds significant functionality, letting users do more with their Tajima machine.” said Ed Levy, director of software sales and marketing at Hirsch International.
Hirsch is a national distributor of Tajima embroidery equipment, Pulse embroidery digitizing software, MHM screen printing presses, Kornit digital direct-to-garment printers, and Seit textile lasers. Contact Hirsch International at (800) 394-4426; email:; or visit the website at

Startup Digitizing Course Offered At Fort Worth ISS on Friday, Sept. 27

September 26, 2013

Ed Levy LearnToDigitize Web

On Friday, Sept. 27, Ed Levy, director of software sales and marketing , is presenting a seminar on learning how to digitize. It starts at 10:30 a.m. and goes to noon. You will learn how to evaluate artwork for digitizing, how to path designs for proper efficiency, and how to effectively use different stitch types. You can sign up by visiting and clicking on the Fort Worth icon.

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Learn How To Make Money With Lettering

September 25, 2013

Ed Levy Lettering Wars seminar


Ed Levy, director of software sales and marketing, is leading a seminar during the Fort Worth ISS show from 1 to 2:30 p.m., Thurs. Sept. 26, entitled “Lettering Wars.” Learn how to create great lettering and identify the limitations of embroidery text. Register for the show at

Madeira Offers Free Solid Color Thread With B&W Purchase

May 27, 2013

Adobe Photoshop PDF

In the month of May, for every purchase of 5 black and 5 white cones of Polyneon #40 thread, you get two free solid color spools. Stock up now and save by going to ttp://